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Friday, April 3, 2009

Hawaii Vacation & David's 50th BD

We went to Hawaii the end of March and early April to celebrate hubby's 50th BD and to see our beautiful Hawaiian girl and her hubby, Ryan. We made it a family affair and my parents accompanied us and we also brought David, Brenda and Connor as a surprise to Heather! It was also Ryan's birthday while we were there so we had a lot of fun celebrating everything and anything! A few Pina Coladas, Mudslides and Pomegranate Tini's were sampled by most everyone along with some great food.

The birthday guy and his little grandbaby
G-Ma Donna and baby Connor

Mom and Dad Unger

The beaches were beautiful and the scenery was spectacular! We managed to see quite a few whales right off the coast and they did some beautiful breaching for us to watch. I've always wanted to see them in Hawaii but never have any of the times we've been there. They came out in numbers to make it up to us. We also went to see the big sea turtles. They come right up on shore in the same area every year. They are smart and have set up a "safe" place for them with guides making sure the visitors stay their distance away and don't harm them in any way.

Hawaiian girl Heather also know as Auntie Bo and her little nephew

David, Brenda and Connor

Hawaii is always a great vacation but it's even better when you have all of your loved ones with you. Heather and Ryan have lived there almost 3 years and they know some of the best unspoiled areas to go to and enjoy. We had a ball and will try to make it out there maybe late summer or early fall for another trip to paradise!

Isn't he the cutest little thing?

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