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Friday, July 29, 2011

Aloha Flirty Apron Swap

I just recently participated in another Flirty Apron Swap. This time round the theme was to be an Aloha Flirty Apron that you sew especially for your secret swap partner. You are also suppose to include a few tuck in items as gifts for your swap partner that go along with the theme. You can make any style apron you like but the swap coordinator does supply us with information about our partner with their likes and dislikes, style they prefer and favorite colors, etc. Usually you can go and look at your secret swap partner's blog and kind of get a feel of what you think your partner would like also.

So this time I was to make an apron for Grace in Washington. This is the apron I made for her. She seemed to be a outgoing fun lady and I wanted to make her an upbeat and happy apron with bright colors. I knew she also liked pink so I went with this pink and green floral fabric.
In addition to sewing the apron for her I also made her a set of 4 fabric criss cross coasters out of fabric I got when I was in Hawaii on my last trip. I included 2 dish towels with palm trees on them, another set of coasters, an aloha themed note pad and 2 small scented candles.

I wrapped everything individually and then threw in some metallic Hibiscus flowers to help decorate the box. I wrote her a little note letting her know that I enjoyed making this package especially for her and I hope she enjoys all the Aloha spirit I was sending her!

These apron swaps are so fun! I of course have so much fun receiving a special apron made just for me and all the fun little goodies that go into it but I really have just as much fun creating a special apron for someone I don't know. I like to try and think of clever little tuck in gifts to go with it. Goodness knows I really don't need another apron but I've already signed up for another apron swap in the near future!

I hope Grace doesn't mind but I'm posting the pictures that she took and put on her blog as I'm having camera issues at the moment.

Friday, July 15, 2011

Memaw's Little Boys

This past weekend we had the pleasure of having our daughter, son in law and baby grandson visit us from Hawaii. I sure enjoyed having both of my little boys to love on!

We had a family BBQ to let everyone meet little Harper. Connor sure enjoys talking and playing with his little cousin Harper and every chance he got he got close to him. I know he loves his little cousin but I also think he might not have wanted his Memaw holding someone else. That's okay cause I have enough room on my lap for both of them and definitely enough love to share with both. Harper is 6 months old already and Connor hadn't seen him in person since he was only 2 weeks old. I sure wish they lived close and could grow up playing together like my kids did with their cousins.

We also enjoyed spending some snuggle time reading several books. I love to read and when my children were little I read to them on a daily basis. I think that is one of the reason that both of them love to read so much also. I hope my grandchildren learn to love books also but I'm sure they will since they get read to on a regular basis by their parents and by me.

G-Pa also loved having the opportunity to have both of his grandson's with us at the same time. He thinks the world of both of our little boys and I think he just glows when he's holding them both. He loves spending time with them and I'm sure when they are a little bigger he will enjoy spending more time with them teaching them lots of cool stuff. Connor already follows him around when he's in the backyard cleaning the pool or working on something. He follows G-Pa around with his little plastic lawnmower when G-Pa is mowing the grass.

We hope to be able to see baby Harper again next month for another very short visit when they are in California for a friend's wedding. Until then I'll just have to remember his sweet baby smell, the way he coos and laughs and look at the pictures and remember how adorable he is!

He is such a sweet little baby!

Friday, July 1, 2011

Hubby, Chewbacca and I

I thought I would post a recent picture of my husband (David), my doggie (Chewbacca) and myself. My son David has a great new camera and he was kind enough to come over to our house and take the picture for us. My daughter Heather had asked for an updated picture of the two of us so that is the reason I asked him to do it. We posed sitting in the grass in our backyard with the pool in the far background.

Heather, Ryan and baby Harper will be coming to visit us next week from Hawaii and I plan on getting David, Brenda and Connor over at the same time so we can get a family photo of everyone. The last time we did a family photo little baby Harper wasn't born yet. As a matter of fact at the time we took our photos Heather was barely 6 weeks pregnant.

Maybe this time next year we will need another updated family photo if our family continues to grow. Wouldn't that be great!