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Friday, July 15, 2011

Memaw's Little Boys

This past weekend we had the pleasure of having our daughter, son in law and baby grandson visit us from Hawaii. I sure enjoyed having both of my little boys to love on!

We had a family BBQ to let everyone meet little Harper. Connor sure enjoys talking and playing with his little cousin Harper and every chance he got he got close to him. I know he loves his little cousin but I also think he might not have wanted his Memaw holding someone else. That's okay cause I have enough room on my lap for both of them and definitely enough love to share with both. Harper is 6 months old already and Connor hadn't seen him in person since he was only 2 weeks old. I sure wish they lived close and could grow up playing together like my kids did with their cousins.

We also enjoyed spending some snuggle time reading several books. I love to read and when my children were little I read to them on a daily basis. I think that is one of the reason that both of them love to read so much also. I hope my grandchildren learn to love books also but I'm sure they will since they get read to on a regular basis by their parents and by me.

G-Pa also loved having the opportunity to have both of his grandson's with us at the same time. He thinks the world of both of our little boys and I think he just glows when he's holding them both. He loves spending time with them and I'm sure when they are a little bigger he will enjoy spending more time with them teaching them lots of cool stuff. Connor already follows him around when he's in the backyard cleaning the pool or working on something. He follows G-Pa around with his little plastic lawnmower when G-Pa is mowing the grass.

We hope to be able to see baby Harper again next month for another very short visit when they are in California for a friend's wedding. Until then I'll just have to remember his sweet baby smell, the way he coos and laughs and look at the pictures and remember how adorable he is!

He is such a sweet little baby!

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Debbie said...

Both your babies are adorable. I'm glad you got to spend time with them.