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Monday, September 27, 2010

Connor's 2nd Birthday Party

Right after we got back from our trip to Mexico it was our only grandchild Connor's 2nd birthday. We helped our son and daughter in law throw a large party at the park for him. We held it under a canopy and was able to hang decorations and streamers from the ceiling along with decorating the tables. He had a Sponge Bob themed party as Sponge Bob is one of his favorite characters right now. There was BBQ hot dogs and hamburgers, chips and dips, a couple of different kinds of salads, fresh fruit, soda, water and of course cake, cupcakes and ice cream.

I think there was about 60 or more people that made it that day to the party. In addition to the playground to play on there was of course several other games for the kids to play. They had a pinata with lots of candy in it and then there was treat bags for the kids also.

They kids really enjoyed playing in the little pools full of bubbles. There was wands and other things to use for the bubbles but a few of the littler kids, including Connor, had more fun playing in the pool of bubbles then out of the pool using the bubbles.

Of course there was presents galore! I think little Connor got a whole new wardrobe and many many new toys for him to play with. He got a little tricycle that came with a little storage compartment on the back from his Grammy and Gramps. He couldn't quite pedal it at first but he climbed right up on it and wanted to stay there for a long while. He also got a child's size lawnmower and a shopping cart filled with fruits, vegetables and other products. He also got a big wheel vehicle which when his daddy was a little boy it was one of his favorite things to play with.

The best part of the party was seeing him interact with his little and big cousins and all of the other kids. In addition to David and I, his other grandparents were there too along with 1 great grandpa and 2 great grandmas. Many of his aunts and uncles and other family members were able to attend that day too. There was quite a few of friends of the family in attendance also.

The weather was very nice that day and his party was just perfect. I can't hardly believe he's 2 already!

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Debbie said...

He sure is a sweet little boy!