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Wednesday, July 23, 2014

I am still here!

Wow!  What can I say except that was a long blogging break!  I had many challenges this last year that kept me away from a lot of different things including blogging.

My father passed away from cancer last May and I still have not got over that.  Each day is a new day and challenges in themselves.  A random comment about something can set me off crying or perhaps a memory and there I go again.  I can say though that mostly things are getting better.  The good days are starting to out number the bad days thankfully.  Now I am starting to remember all the good things about my Dad and that makes me feel so much better.  Don't get me wrong, it still hurts, but I know that he would want me to be happy and that is what I am trying to do.  I know he is in a better place and is pain free and that makes me so glad and thankful!  Cancer really is a horrible disease and I can't wait til we have a cure for it.

I have also had some health challenges that have kept me away from doing some of the things I like.  One of them being an emergency surgery right at the same time as when my Dad came home on Hospice.  Perfect timing I know!  I am still having residual complications from that but am waiting to get in with a specialist as we speak.  So hopefully that will be resolved also.

Then a few months after that I was involved in a slip and fall accident and hurt my shoulder and neck.  Boy did that hurt for quite awhile!  After quite a bit of Physical Therapy and home exercise it is also on the mend and now I am able to do things without intense pain.  I couldn't pick up or hold my grandchildren, I couldn't sit and sew, I couldn't stay in one place too long without getting uncomfortable but all of that has gotten SO much better!

I am staying busy now with the little munchkins that call me Memaw.  I have been busy with them at swimming lessons, soccer practice, play dates at the park and sleepovers.  I enjoy being with them so much and love being a Memaw.  The only thing that could be better about this is that the other 2 grandbabies lived closer to me!  Hawaii is definitely not within driving lessons.  I am blessed that we do get to see them a few times a year but that is definitely not enough!

I am very involved in sewing and quilting.  I am just getting back into the swing of sewing clothes and stuff for the little ones.  I used to sew clothes for my children but haven't really done a lot of sewing for the little ones except for costumes and such.  I am trying to make matching outfits for the two little girls and that has been so much fun!  I also have an embroidery machine and am getting a lot more proficient at that.  I have been embroidering little tee shirts, onesies, burp clothes and a few baby quilts.  I really like taking something that is pretty plain and turning it into a really cute embellished finished project.

I am SO involved in the local quilt guild.  In addition to being the 1st Vice President of Travel I am also in charge of Community Service.  Right now we are working on making 400 patriotic pillowcases for homeless Veterans in our local community.  We are also gearing up to give between 15-20 patriotic Quilts of Honor to very deserving Veterans at our upcoming Quilt Show.  We also make baby and childrens quilts for several different local agencies in addition to lap quilts for Seniors and several Auction quality quilts for other agencies to raise money with.

So my plan is to try and keep my blog up to date with regular posts.  I think it can be a nice way to put my thoughts and feelings down and let people know what's going on with me!  Here's to the rest of 2014!

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Debbie said...

I'm glad you're feeling better and can enjoy your life again. Losing a parent is really hard. I still miss my Mom and my grandparents. I'm glad I just got to see my Dad and my stepmom. Hang in there!