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Sunday, June 5, 2011

Beautiful Old Fashioned Flowers

I am so in love with these peonies. I don't know if I can grow them where I live or not, but I really want to try and grow some of these in my garden. I think they look so lovely and they look so romantic. I think I would prefer these even over roses!

I saw these when I was on vacation in North Carolina and I absolutely loved them. I think I have always been fond of peonies but there was something about seeing those lovely pink blooms that spoke to my heart. I know they are an old fashioned flower but I think they are exquisite still!

I also love these Hollyhocks. These were growing in a yard of an old farmhouse not to far from my house. I was out driving with my mother and saw these and had to turn the car around so I could snap a picture. I wanted to make sure I could remember what they were so I could have hubby look for some for me the next time he was at the hardware store.

He was able to find them in seed form but not as an actual plant. I'll have to try my hand at growing them from seeds. It says they take 4 months to bloom. He bought me two different varieties. One is called the Summer Carnival Mix Hollhock and the other is they Country Romance Mix Hollyhock. The summer Carnival Mix ones kind of look like a bunch of ranolculus on a stem.

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