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Thursday, June 30, 2011

More Fun Apron Swaps

I know I said I wasn't going to do it but I did! I just couldn't help myself! My name is Donna and I'm addicted to aprons! I've participated in Val's apron swaps before and they have always been so much fun. I love creating an apron for someone else and thinking of clever tuckins to go along with the theme. I of course love receiving my package too but I kinda think I like making up my package just as much. I always try to find out about the person that I'm secretly making an apron for. So I can see what type of things she likes and dislikes. I will then read her blog if possible and try to get a sense of who she is and what she likes.

I'm also in another apron swap right now that is called The Summer Fun Aloha Swap over at the Flirty Apron Swap website. I should be getting my information in the next day or so as to who I am to make an apron for. I've been thinking about the fabric selection and what kind of apron I would like to make. I have to wait to see the information about what my swap partner likes first to see if it would be something she would like. I've already been looking around getting ideas as to what I want to put in as my little tuck in gifts. Since we have a theme we kind of know at least what types of things to look at.

So in the near future I will be the proud owner of not one but two new aprons made especially for me! Yeah!! I need a bigger closet to store all the aprons I've received from the apron swaps I've already participated in.

I can't wear cute shoes but I definitely can wear cute aprons- and I do!!

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Katmom said...

Hi Donna,
I am your Aloha Swap Partner...& your wonderful package arrived today!
Oh my! I Luv the tropical inspired apron that you made just for me & all my tuck-in goodies!
Thank you so very much.
I will be sending you a proper "Thanx" card in the mail...but I was just so excited that I had to post here as well to say Thank you!