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Saturday, September 13, 2008

My Most Recent Embarassing Moment!

Well it all started out with going out with my girlfriend for a nice afternoon of fun. We all deserve to take a day off to just have some fun. We hadn't gotten to see each other much since she started back to work and we needed to do some catching up.

We started the morning off and had a lovely time at our monthly Quilt Block of the Month earlier in the morning. Then we headed up the road to have a lovely tea at a beautiful tea house. We enjoyed ourselves for 1 1/2 hours over our delicious food and lovely tea. The conversation was nice and we were just truly enjoying some quality friendship time.

We then went to a local quilt shop that I had previously found my last time up at this town. My girlfriend hadn't been there before so we went and had a look. The store had some lovely fabric and notions and it was all displayed around vintage items and old quilts in an old restored building.

We then decided to go check out the local thrift store and then an antique store that was just down the street. That was nice too. There was some interesting things to look at and I found a few bargains. So we decided to try our luck up the road at another antique and thrift store we had been too on another adventure.

We got back in my car and I thought I heard the sound of ripping fabric. I got out and touched my backside. No the seam of my pants was still there. I must be hearing things. I go to get back in and then there was the unmistakable noise of tearing fabric. I get back out and ask her how bad it is. It can't be that bad can it?

Well it was worse than that!! The whole left side of my pants was ripped open with the whole left side of my behind showing. Not the seam but along the edge of the pocket. It ripped from almost the waistband til almost the thigh!! Oh no!! I don't want to go home yet. I want to shop more. Then we started laughing. Only me!! Only I could rip it that good. I decided that if I could laugh about it than people could just laugh with me and not at me.

I knew I had a small blanket in the trunk so my friend got that out for me. I just tied it around my waist and went into the store. I told the lady at the counter that I was going into the dressing room and if I found something that would fit I would be wearing it to the cash register! And I did!!

After that we ended up going to another couple of stores and found all kinds of treasures and goodies that we just couldn't go home without. It was a day that could have ended early but because I decided to have a sense of humor about the event, and my friend was gracious enough to go along with me, we ended up being gone for most of the day and having a wonderful time!


Yarni Gras! said...

you go girl! I'm that way too.....many a sweater has saved my life...uh, behind........

Debbie said...

That was a fun and silly day! We need more of those.

Rocknquilts said...

That's super! You turned a potentially embarrassing moment into an afternoon of fun, friendship and shopping - good for you!