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Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Purses, Tote Bags and More Purses

My daughter Heather and I started our own little internet business selling purses and tote bags. Hippie Sacks Hawaii is the name of our website. Heather recently came to visit me from Hawaii to get a few more purses and tote bags sewn so we would have some extra in our inventory since they were flying out of the shop so fast the first 2 weeks. Her visit home was for 9 days.

We sewed all week long. We sewed in the early morning , we sewed in the daytime, we sewed in the evening, we sewed in the wee hours of the night. We really sewed!! We started referring to the sewing room as the dungeon and the sweat shop.

We managed to accomplish quite a bit though. I think we made about 40 bags or so in all. We managed to have some fun though while she was here and did take a little time out to get pedicures and have some play time with baby Connor. Heather loves her one and only little nephew. She has decided she wants to be called Auntie Boo.

So if the website keeps going well maybe she'll just have to visit us more often!!

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