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Thursday, November 27, 2008

Thanksgiving Blessings

I have so much to be Thankful this Thanksgiving and every day. I'm thankful for my wonderful family. My husband loves me unconditionally and is supportive of everything I do. I have two great children and a wonderful son-in-law and daughter-in-law. I also think that I have the most beautiful grandson in the world!

In these hard times it sometimes is easy to lose sight of all of our blessings. We live in a free country where we can do just about anything we want to and go where ever we want to. We have a roof over our heads, a warm place to sleep, food in the pantry and a little money in the bank.

I know that there are many people going without and losing their homes. My heart goes out to them. God has blessed me and my family and I thank Him for it.

I hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving!

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Getting To Know You

I've been reading on a couple of blogs people posting 100 things about themselves. So here are mine...

1. I love…bread (especially warm french bread..yum!)
2. I have been...a retail website owner, school photographer, manicurist, administrative assistant, medical transcriptionist, pharmacy clerk, floral designer, sample demonstrator, clerk at a fabric store, waitress, and a bank teller
3. I have…two children and a grandson
4. I like…to go to Mexico on vacation for the sun and margaritas
5. I'm scared of…snakes
6. I don't like…cruel and mean people
7. One of my favorite shirts…just got a stain on it and I had to throw it out
8. I don't shop in the mall unless…I have to
9. I am…very friendly and outgoing
10. I like/dislike making lists; because…(dislike) I like to do things on the spur of the moment
11. I like making people…crafty gifts
12. My sense of humor is…silly at times
13. I ALWAYS cry when…I think about all the children and babies who don’t have good homes
14. I hate when people…abuse children or neglect them
15. I'm not necessarily…a frugal person although I do love a good sale or clearance
16. I like to draw, but…I sometimes can pull it off but only if it’s a simple drawing
17. I don't have any living…grandparents
18. I like/dislike to save stuff…(like) because I can’t part with things that are sentimental or bring back memories of mine or my children’s childhoods
19. I recycle…as often as I can
20. I like toilet paper…put on the roller with the paper rolling out from under the roll
21. I love candles that smell like…pumpkins or Christmas spices
22. I've worn glasses since…I turned 40 - okay I’m still trying to get used to wearing them
23. The oddest thing I have eaten…calamari
24. I eat salad…a lot
25. Scary movies are…not for me because I'm a scaredy cat
26. One of my pet peeves is…people who are thoughtless and dumb
27. Another pet peeve is…people that don’t use their turn signals
28. I make my bed…as soon as my feet hit the floor
29. My memory is…not that great these days and that’s a little scary
30. I dislike socks with…bright colors
31. Books are…wonderful
32. I like to imagine…that I've won the lottery and can give money to all my family
33. I eat when I'm…bored
34. If I have a lot to do on the weekend…. it's because I procrastinated during the week
35. I broke my…toes by running over them with the vacuum cleaner
36. I get bored when…I can’t think of something to do or if I have to stay home cause I’ve had surgery again
37. I like to write…sometimes on my blog but I'm not very good at it
38. I had my ears pierced when…I was about 15
39. I have a hard time…saying no to people
40. My closet is organized by…mine and David’s clothes – mostly mine
41. Being busy makes me…happy
42. I am a...very caring person
43. I have… been a stay at home mom for most of my children’s lives
44. I get…excited when I can help others
45. I avoid…confrontations when at all possible
46. I'm sensitive to…mean people
47. I sing in the…car or to Baby Connor when no one is listening
48. I do not get…why people hurt children and animals
49. I drink… Tea
50. I wear…lipstick everyday
51. My favorite holiday is…Christmas
52. I'd rather be…poor than unhappy
53. My hair is…red, but it's colored
54. I like gifts that…are from the heart and have been well thought out
55. I like buying things for…others especially my grand baby Connor
56. I would rather sleep in ... a long t-shirt gown
57. I'm an emotional…person
58. I am…right handed
59. I will never…get married again
60. I don't mind…letting seniors ahead of me in the lines at the store
61. I’m sure…that I'm going to heaven
62. I think it’s easy to…get upset when special things I’ve planned out don't go the way I envisioned them to
63. Sometimes I think I'm too…much of a perfectionist
64. I tell…my husband and children that I love them every time I see them or talk to them
65. I hate being…not ready on time but I never am
66. I drink coffee… with lots of cream and Splenda
67. I love teasing…my nieces and nephews
68. I like when I have a specific…thing in mind when I’m shopping for a gift
69. I wish my life was more…exciting
70. Board games are…fun
71. I have lived in…California all of my adult life
72. Sarcasm is…not something I usually use
73. I have been to…my dream vacation spot which is Venice, Florence and Rome, Italy
74. I'm a…nice person
75. I enjoy teaching…other people new things
76. Cats are…independent and easy to take care of
77. I do not have…a lot of extra money like most people I know
78. My favorite color is…purple and pink
79. Meal planning is…something that I would like to get into the habit of doing
80 My biggest fault is…that I like to shop and spend money that I don't have
81. Painted toenails make me…feel like a pampered woman
82. I get embarrassed…when I have to talk in front of a lot of people
83. I’m pretty good at…crafting and sewing
84. Walking is…something I wish I could do but not to good for my bad knees
85. I'm not very good at…saying no and meaning it
86. My first memory is from…when I was little and lived in Hawaii
87. I keep friends for…a long time
88. I am learning to…be more patient
89. I enjoy smelling…cinnamon and spiced pine cones they have at the holidays
90. I believe in…God
91. I love…my husband forever and always
92. My favorite cookies are…Short bread cookies
93. I'm married to a...wonderful man
94. I’d love to live in…North Carolina or the mid-west
95. I’ve been to Disneyland/world…several times
96. I really enjoy…spending time sewing and crafting
97. I love to eat…out more than in
98. I’m getting…to have my daughter and son in law home for the holidays
99. I'm very…naive at times
100. I wish I was less... pounds

Saturday, November 1, 2008

Apron Swap

I recently participated in the "Hot Drinks for Hot Mamas" Apron Swap. You make an apron for a "secret" partner and someone else "secret" makes one for you. There are usually other guidelines to the swaps as to what the theme is and such.

I have so much fun participating in these exchanges. I'm bad though cause I'm a horrible procrastinator some times and wait to near the deadline to get started. I work well under pressure though. I always have it all planned out as to what I'm gonna make, which fabric I'm going to use and what other little things I'm going to send with my gift.

We were given some information about our partner: favorite hot drink, favorite and least favorite color. Apron could be a full coverage or a half apron. Package should include 3 little extra somethings and apron should be wrapped in tissue, tied with ribbon.

My partner loved chai and other teas. I found a cute fabric with all different colored tea cups and teapots on a cream background. She was a tiny little thing so I made her a half apron so I could somewhat gauge what size to make it for her. I of course forgot to take pictures of the apron or the goodies I sent. I sent her a small china tea cup and saucer, some teas and chocolate.

My swap partner got me perfectly. She made me the cutest pink apron with tea cups all over it. It was trimmed with white lace and looked so feminine and cute. She sent me a neat tea cookbook, another little tea book, a bookmark she made for me, and a few different kinds of teas. She makes and sells aprons on Etsy. Thank you again Nicola!