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Saturday, November 1, 2008

Apron Swap

I recently participated in the "Hot Drinks for Hot Mamas" Apron Swap. You make an apron for a "secret" partner and someone else "secret" makes one for you. There are usually other guidelines to the swaps as to what the theme is and such.

I have so much fun participating in these exchanges. I'm bad though cause I'm a horrible procrastinator some times and wait to near the deadline to get started. I work well under pressure though. I always have it all planned out as to what I'm gonna make, which fabric I'm going to use and what other little things I'm going to send with my gift.

We were given some information about our partner: favorite hot drink, favorite and least favorite color. Apron could be a full coverage or a half apron. Package should include 3 little extra somethings and apron should be wrapped in tissue, tied with ribbon.

My partner loved chai and other teas. I found a cute fabric with all different colored tea cups and teapots on a cream background. She was a tiny little thing so I made her a half apron so I could somewhat gauge what size to make it for her. I of course forgot to take pictures of the apron or the goodies I sent. I sent her a small china tea cup and saucer, some teas and chocolate.

My swap partner got me perfectly. She made me the cutest pink apron with tea cups all over it. It was trimmed with white lace and looked so feminine and cute. She sent me a neat tea cookbook, another little tea book, a bookmark she made for me, and a few different kinds of teas. She makes and sells aprons on Etsy. Thank you again Nicola!


Nicki Parker said...

So glad you like the apron I made for you!
Don;t you just love these swaps? I so enjoy the planning and designing for someone else. And of course any excuse for more fabric shopping!!...happy swapping!!

Debbie said...

The swaps sound like fun, but you know me and how much I procrastinate. They would never get their apron. I would have the best of intentions but whoops!