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Wednesday, March 2, 2011

I'd Like to be a Teabag

I'd like to be a Teabag
And stay at home all day
And talk to other teabags
In a teabag sort of way...

I'd love to be a teabag
And lie in a little box
A never have to wash my face
Or change my dirty socks...

I'd like to be a teabag
An Earl Grey one perhaps,
And doze all day and lay around
With Earl Grey kind of chaps.

I wouldn't have to do a thing,
No homework, jobs, or chores
Comfy in my caddy
Of teabags and their snores.

I wouldn't have to do exams
I needn't tidy rooms,
Or sweep the floor or feed the cat
Or wash up all the spoons.

I wouldn't have to do a thing,
A life of bliss, you see...
Except that once in all my life
I'd make a cup of tea!

~original source unknown

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Rocknquilts said...

Your apron and tuck-ins are in the mail! I really hope you'll like them :-) Mary Ann from rocknquilts