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Monday, August 8, 2011

HOTH - Roosters and Chickens Party

I decided to join Sheila over at Note Songs for her Heart of the Home Roosters and Chickens Party. She asked everyone to post pictures sharing our favorite roosters and or chickens. My kitchen has quite a few roosters in it. I think I've always loved roosters and chickens so it was a no brainer for me to have them on display.

These are a few of the pictures that I have hanging on my kitchen wall above my buffet server. They are an off -white colored tin picture frames. My husband and I found the prints and then sized them to fit the frames. I have a off-white tin type ceiling and these picture frames match it quite well.

I found this hand made rooster at a local Craft Fair a few years ago. I just love his long legs! My little grandson sometimes likes to walk by him and make his legs swing back and forth. He hangs on the side of my built in refrigerator and he welcomes everyone into my kitchen.

This is the shelf that is hanging above my buffet server in the kitchen. I had my husband custom make the shelf for me. He made it out of oak and about had a heart attack when I told him I wanted to paint it! Had he known that he probably could have made it quite a bit cheaper. I have several different roosters and chickens up on that shelf in addition to a few off-white pitchers and canisters. I put the leaf and fruit strand up there last fall and liked it so much I decided to keep it year round.

These two little roosters flank my metal basket that I use as a hold all for mail and stuff that needs to be put away. It's almost full so I guess I better clean it out. The poor rooster on the right has been knocked off the counter a few times and his head was cracked. I couldn't stand to throw him out so I glued him back together and he keeps his cousin company!

This large rooster sits in the center of my buffet server. He has been moved all over my kitchen at one time or another. I just love this big one! I picked him up at an antique store up in the mountains when we were up there for our anniversary a few years ago. I love him because his feathers have a dark antique stain over it that makes him look aged and worn. This rooster is very heavy and makes a nice statement I think.

My sister gave me these two little roosters last year for my birthday. I have them on each side of a moss covered basket that is full of wooden eggs. The eggs are both white and brown. My sister picked these up for me when we were at a tea house in Colfax. They had lots of roosters and chickens and I wish I had gone back there and gotten a few more roosters before the tea house went out of business. They were very reasonably priced also.

This rooster is a tea light holder also. Another one of my sisters bought this for me for my birthday a few years ago. I believe it is a Party Light product. When the tea light candle is lit the rooster is really lovely. There are numerous cut outs in the rooster to let the light shine through.

Thank you for stopping by and checking out a few of the roosters I have in my kitchen. I have several more that I did not showcase. Please head over to Note Songs and check out the rooster party!


Anonymous said...

I'm so happy to see your roo's and chick's too.

Shelia said...

Oh, what wonderful yard birds you have! I love the shelf your hubby made for you filled with goodies! Love all your cute displays you've put together too.
Thank you so much for coming to my party.
You are the sweetie,
Shelia ;)

Shelia said...

Hi Donna! I'm back to thank you for letting me know about the 3rd column of links! I went back and changed the list to 2 columns and now everyone can see all the links! Whew! So thrilled you told me about this.
Be a sweetie,
Shelia ;)

S said...

Such cute birds at your place. Love what you did with the shelf.

Gail @ Faithfulness Farm said...

Grand yard birds you have there :)


Anonymous said...

Wow, you have a lot of beautiful roos! Love the shelf with decor, that's a beauty spot in your room. I see you're a new blogger - I joined your blog. I'm looking forward to seeing some of your sewing projects!


Love Of Quilts said...

Lovely collection. Trish

Veronica said...

Your roos are so lovely and also adoring your blogheader and background!